Defo @ Le MUR Brussels

Costik ASBL vous invite à la rencontre du graffeur bruxellois Defo le week-end des 25 et 26 février. Defo peindra à l’extérieur, rue Marché aux poulets (Métro Bourse, Bruxelles) dans le cadre du projet Le MUR Brussels.

Vizion Magazine / Street art and graffiti of Belgium

I've got an idea for a magazine. The concept is making it yearly and making kind of "best of belgian graffitis in a year". The meaning is : to have a paper version to keep in our libraries instead of keeping them in a digital version where they will be forgotten. I need some help with it and I was wondering if I may use some of your pictures ? It will take a lot of time ... But I really want to do this ...

September 28, 2008


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