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February 09, 2011


Action painting

November 28, 2009


action painting

April 17, 2009

Action painting, bringing art to the trains by Kristian Kutschera

Action painting, bringing art to the trains by Kristian KutscheraAll works presented in this book no longer exist. Gone for good, washed off the sides of the trains, sometimes only hours after they were first created. Often what remains is just one photo, a final remnant of something that took a great deal of skill, courage, and determination to create. The authors of Action Painting present the most comprehensive collection of art ever created on Europe's transit systems, including highlights of the past 25 years. Their task was much µlike a treasure hunt involving a series of conspiratorial meetings and the subsequent arrival of mysterious, unmarked packages. First inspired by the iconic 1980s book, "Subway Art," the painting of trains in Europe continues to flourish to this day. Action Painting gives outsiders profound insight into the adventures, techniques, ethics and passion behind this amazing art form.
Action Painting : Bringing Art to the Trains by Kristian Kutschera 2009
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