"Choc, le vrai Roi des Belges" par Hulk . Merci à lui.

March 20, 2013

If I see my shit rolling and get a nice picture then it can go straight to the carwash for all I care. This lessens the chance of somebody taking a bad photo and posting it on a website. Suddenly he has official rights on your piece and he’s getting high-fives from the other photo geeks – Banos

graff train

graff on trains

graff on train

train graff

train graffiti

August 12, 2012

Our Side Of The Tracks - Alias Press

Photographers Oahu and Phil America present a book like no other and a journey into places where no one else dares to take you ... The book includes portraits of many of the world’s most famous artists involved in the graffiti scene as well as many of the most visited and the most obscure places ... Featuring Rocks, RHB, Luce, Rebok, Oahu, Banos, AF Crew, Pilchi, Rush, Lose, Zoow, Apollo, Pores, Same, Taps & Moses, and many more.
Source : Our Side Of The Tracks - Alias Press