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April 11, 2009

Battle of the year

Battle of the year
The Battle Of The Year (boty) is a platform for B-Boys and Hip Hop culture in general and an opportunity for all participants to express themselves in a peaceful and non-racist environment.

Qualification for the World Finals
Mar. 28th 2009 BOTY Cyprus Limassol/Cyprus
Mar. 29th 2009 BOTY France (La Reunion)La Reunion
Apr. 4th 2009 BOTY France (North) Lille/France
Apr. 5th 2009 BOTY France (South) Lyon/France
Apr. 18th 2009 BOTY UK London/UK
May. 9th 2009 BOTY Balkans Thessaloniki/Greece
May. 9th 2009 BOTY France Finals Montpellier/France
May. 9th 2009 BOTY Hungary Budapest
May. 16th 2009 Battle of Berlin Berlin
May. 23rd 2009 BOTY Singapore Singapore
May. 30th 2009 BOTY BeNeLux Brussels/Belgium
May. 30th 2009 BOTY South East Europe Vienna/Austria
May. 30th 2009 BOTY Malaysia KL / Malaysia
Jun. 6th 2009 BOTY South Germany Karlsruhe
Jun. 13th 2009 BOTY Russia Moscow / Russia
Jun. 20th 2009 Battle of the East Leipzig
Jun. 27th 2009 BOTY NordWestdeutschlandBielefeld
Jul. 4th 2009 BOTY Taiwan Taipei/Taiwan
Jul. 4th 2009 BOTY Morocco Rabat/Morocco
Jul. 5th 2009 BOTY Japan Kawasaki/Japan
Jul. 17th 2009 BOTY China Shanghai / China
Jul. 25th 2009 BOTY Thailand Bangkok/Thailand
Aug. 1st 2009 BOTY Asia Singapore
Aug. 21st 2009 Nordic BOTY Malmoe
Aug. 22nd 2009 BOTY Caricom Suriname
Aug. 27th 2009 BOTY Israel Tel Aviv/Israel
Aug. 29th 2009 BOTY Germany Hannover/Germany
Sep. 7th 2009 BOTY Brazil Sao Paulo/Brazil
Battle of the year - Volkswagenhalle
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38100 Braunschweig (Germany)
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