"Choc, le vrai Roi des Belges" par Hulk . Merci à lui.

February 11, 2015


Introduce yourself
An old man who has always been interested in art but who had never hold a spray can in his hand. Fascinated by those who risked jail for their paintings. Hulk explanes very well why he designed on trains when he said : «I know I am a stupid man doing that. Taking risk for that. It's a teenage and unconscious thing, but when you love to create something, it‘s different ».

How and when did you decide to take pictures of trains ?
Since 2008 I take the train every day for my job. So I haven’t got much time left to visit museums and exhibitions. The graffiti on trains became their replacements. For me there isn’t any difference between a visit to an artgallery and the station of Namur (Belgium). At the beginning my target was that other people would discover the art of graffiti; to present young artists but I found out that people outthere aren’t ready yet.

Tell us details about the most difficult photo-shoot for you.
It’s not difficult because I only take pictures of trains in the station. It’s important to find the right angle, a light and a shadow.

Who are the most famous train-writers in Belgium? Who are your favorites ?
Those who come immediately at my mind are Shock, Rush, Nawas, PSK, Noach and Animals, but I definitely forgot some. Belgium is a « pass-through » country and lots of foreigners come to Belgium to design. My favourites: Zolk for his creative explosion, Amer for his hand, Shock for his clearness and Animals for their colours.

What is the reaction of the Belgian society about train writers ?
Reaction I hear most is « It’s vandalism but there are some lovely ones ». At the judicial level, writers caught will be punished by paying a fine or they need to do some work for the government ; send to jail can also happen but is very rare.

Who are your favorite street artists ?
I don’t know many of them. Defo is the one I like a lot for his personnality and the way he is and for his classicism and his construction / deconstruction of the sign.

What camera do you use ?
I use a Sony Cybershot DSC-H70 in autofunction, without flash.

Tell us about your exhibition and the collaboration with the Wellin municipal library and your blog.
First of all you must know that Wellin is a small village in the south of Belgium. The librarian can organise the exhibitions he wants. As I’m working as a volunteer at the library it was logic to organise this exhibition. Of course it wasn’t a success but our main target was to do it for our own pleasure.

What are your future plans ?
Staying alive for a couple of years and find somewhere a graffiti from Ozon or a whole car of Animals.

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September 30, 2008

About the author

about the authorAnyone who frequently takes the train or subway, can only wonder about the signs and mysterious paintings that cover them. This was my case, so I started taking pictures of those pieces and try to understand the letter styles ...

Not easy for someone who don't know the graffiti culture, in fact I was more attracted by the Flemish Primitives than by the art of the 21st century !

Finally, the blog "Graffiti Art On Trains" is born, and I hope it will participate to the graffiti movement.

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